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support to foititikes and panepistimiakes works

Location: Acheritou; Cyprus Γιαννης

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Prepared and undertaken responsibly opinions on various scientific issues and issues do for university students and Colleges (Public and/or Private) of Cyprus and Greece, analyses of scientific theories, guidance literature, support for writing to Undergraduate-Diplomatic-Postgraduate works and doctoral theses and work of theoretical domains, with reliability in delivery times. In addition, undertaken analyses of statistical surveys-surveys using SPSS program for undergraduate/postgraduate/doctoral theses or any other object of study requires use of a particular statistical programme. On the basis of specific, we can responsibly serve students, private individuals and businesses who need treatment and analysis of statistical data (questionnaires or other data) for delivery at a specific time. For any information, please call 96513250, Mr. John or send email to



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