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Cyprus friendly linguistically, primarily for those with school has at least some knowledge of the subject in the English language. Inhabitants of Cyprus are fluent in English, along with the knowledge of the Greek language, since English is the second official language throughout the country.

Lose to Cyprus on malonaseljonnosti only small and tiny EU countries, such as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Montenegro and others.

Honors Cyprus can also serve its large number of car owners-the number of cars per capita, the first in the world. As a result, public transport in Cyprus is absolutely not advocating, and he practically is not developed.

The Sun as a companion to the huge quantity of positive days of the year, making Cyprus one of the healthiest climate countries. Annual cycle will not disturb sharp or even substantial differences of temperatures, as well as high humidity, making Cyprus a delightful option for rest.

The mountains will delight winter snow, turning Cyprus into the southernmost European ski resorts.

Flights from Russia, from the city of Yekaterinburg, double occupancy for 11 nights, costs 36 thousand rubles, as of July 2017 onwards.

11.08.17 12:20
Come to us study English, so there will be no need to use Google Translate and make mistakes. With love, Oscars International, Limassol.

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